Tommy is Delta Radio's Greenville Station Manager and chief marketing rep in the Delta, specializing in The Beat, Q102, Delta Country and WNIX.  Tommy works with local advertisers to produce results from effective radio and digital marketing campaigns.  He can be reached at 662-394-8865, ext 701. ...Read More
Mandy Lester Reid, formerly with WABG-TV, has joined the team at Delta Radio as General Sales Manager.  Mandy brings decades of media experience to the Greenville staff and is ready to help your business develop an effective marketing campaign. ...Read More
John "Mad Dog" Miller hosts The Hometown Morning Show on KIX-92.1 as well as creating marketing concepts and award-winning radio commercials that are designed to increase your business.  John can put you on the road to increased business.  Call him today at 662-843-3392, ext 714.     ...Read More
Regina Hawkins is the Station Manager at WNLA-AM in Indianola, Mississippi. Regina hosts the morning show on WNLA as well as assisting local advertisers with money-making marketing ideas. ...Read More
Need help with an effective marketing campaign?  Beth Foley-Barnes is the person to call.  Reach Beth at 662-743-0400, ext. 720. ...Read More
Fatima Scott is Delta Radio's urban specialist.  Fatima can design an effective marketing campaign for anyone needing to reach the African-American audience in the Delta. ...Read More
Parker Janes is Delta Radio Network's newest Business Development Special.  A graduate of Delta State University, Parker is based in Cleveland and can be reached at 662-843-3392, ext, 705. ...Read More
Shawn is Delta Radio's Assistant Manager and head marketing rep in Greenville.  Shawn's knowledge of marketing and advertising and can help your business attract more customers. Call Shawn at 662-394-8865, ext. 712. ...Read More
Pati Braswell returns to Delta Radio as our newest Business Development Specialist.  Pati is based in our Greenville office and can be reached at 662-394-8865, ext. 704. ...Read More
Larry Fuss is President/CEO of Delta Radio Networks and works with various advertisers and ad agencies to secure effective ad campaigns on all the Delta Radio Network stations.  Larry commutes between Las Vegas, Nevada and the Delta and can be contacted at 662-394-8865, ext. 700 ...Read More